Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

The Sorbs in Saxony and Brandenburg have a democratically legitimized people’s representation – the Serbski Sejm.


On 12 May, the call for elections to the 2nd Serbski Sejm was announced in Běła Woda/Weißwasser by the previously appointed election commission ...

Ceremonial election call for the 2nd Serbski Sejm with family festival on 12 May in Weißwasser

On 12 April, the member of the Serbski Sejm Dr Měrćin Krawc / Dr Martin Schneider and the managing director of Willkommen in Bautzen, Astrid Riechmann, met with the representative of the Democratic Self-Government of North and East Syria in Germany, Khaled Davrisch, in Budyšin/Bautzen ...

The Serbski Sejm looks back very favourably on the first series of the „Serbska debata“.


Currently there are no events.