Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

4th Serbska debata - strengthening each other!

At the fourth panel discussion „Štó zastupuje serbski lud? Přichod politiskeje participacije - Who represents the Sorbian people? The future of political participation“ on 10th May in Wojerec/Hoyserwerda, Dr Hagen Domaška, as a podium guest delegated by the Serbski Sejm, made clear, that the mutual strengthening of the many Sorbian initiatives and associations will improve the situation for the Sorbian people as a whole and said: „For the coexistence of Domowina and Serbski Sejm, the formula must be '1 plus 1 is 3'. If the Serbski Sejm expands the legal framework for the Sorbian people, this means more opportunities for Domowina. If Domowina calls for the election of the second Serbski Sejm, it will strengthen its reputation and its basis for negotiation with the state. Domowina - Bund Lausitzer Sorben e.V. sees itself as a lobby organisation. Working on these two levels can create the framework conditions that are necessary for the Sorbian future.“

The chairman of Domowina, Dawid Statnik, confirmed that talks with the Serbski Sejm are possible at any time as long as they are characterised by mutual respect. Hagen Domaška regretted that this respect had not always been given in recent years. However, with the election of the second Serbski Sejm scheduled for 2024, the focus should be on the future. The Serbski Sejm expressly wishes for the broadest possible support from Domowina in the nomination of candidates, election observation and voter turnout.

Jan Budar, Director of the Foundation for the Sorbian People, which was involved in the organisation of the debates, pointed out that much of the information and documents from the last 20 years cited during the debate are often unknown to the wider Sorbian public, especially the younger generation, and are therefore insider knowledge. The Serbski Sejm offers to help the foundation to disseminate the information mentioned.

With the debates, the Serbski Sejm sees its goal of ensuring that fundamental questions and problems of Sorbian life are discussed publicly and in a moderated manner and thanks the organisers. Dr Roland Löffler, Director of the Saxon State Centre for Political Education, promised a continuation of the Serbska debata.

The ceremonial election call for the elections to the second Serbski Sejm will take place on 12 May from 2 p.m. in Běła Woda / Weißwasser on the festival grounds at the water tower.

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